S.O.S. No way out




I can’t breath. There’s not enough room for me anywhere…. Not a single place… you are fucking suffocating me. Back off. It’s painful to see trough all that masks… everybody is pretty much the same.  You can’t see me. You can’t see the way you hurt me.  I know nobody is perfect… i’m fucked up too, but obvious you can’t  notice that. I literally can’t breath! All your mistakes,  mixed up with mine, all the pain is hunting me.  And you know what’s the worst part?…. i can’t do nothing about it.  Guess why…. Because it’s not my mistake, not my problem….and i still don’t get how am i the one who is suffering the most…. I have just one question: “how can you all sleep at night?”…. my fears are hunting me even in my dreams. The same dream. Noting is going well. NOTHING.  I’m the best at nothing. Ughhh… sometimes i just fell like killing certain people and don’t giving a fuck about the consequences. I wish so bad that all the pain that “they” created turn back to them. I wish that person to never know what happiness feels like.  They just don’t deserve to know that because they took mine. I hate you. Die. 
I’m so so confused about everything, don’t know what to do to make it all okay. I just wanna run away but i have no where to go. I just wanna find  a single place that’s safe. A place where i can finally breath. I just wanna breath, can’t you see?