Can you handle me?


Please do not sigh. Relax and follow me. Can you keep up with me? We both want each other, but can you handle me? Please don’t get lost now.  Come a step closer. Trust me! It’s now or never baby…  this time will never come back. So think twice what is that you really want? What you really want me for? Why? Think twice before letting me go.   It’s not the right time to get weak… never is. Watch your back and never let your guard down.  But don’t be scared… I’m here.  I’m wild and full of life. I think I’ll break with energy! … You have me where you want but you just don’t know what to do with me.  Be careful  I love games but I’m no one’s toy.  Let’s get it to the next level. Let’s play a little harder.  Watch out at the pretty poison in my taste.  You know… I don’t like being in love because I like to have all the control.  But it’s okay for you too. You have the ability to make my blood rush trough my veins. You only have to figure out how. I love being in total control but I also enjoy losing control. It’s up to you baby. I’ve just warned you. Like I’ve warned you from the start. But i guess it’s just human nature. We never listen. We always want more, we always want what we can’t have.  If you decide to follow me I demand you to give up everything for me. Take care. I mean it. If you wanna get hugged in my arms …let go of everything. Regret nothing. Enjoy every single second spent with me. Love only me and look only at me. I will also give you everything. Everything you ever dreamed and more. It’s your decision after all. Everything will be the way you want, the way you decide.  I’ll let you have all the power now. Don’t hesitate! If you hesitate the opportunity will pass you by. If you can’t handle it, you know it’s gonna be hard but you‘ll still be okay. You’ll find another one. You should be fine either ways. Or you’ll learn that I’m irreplaceable. And I’ll never leave your heart. Maybe just your mind, but never your heart, because I never leave my home. I’m a free spirit and I also think that everybody it’s completely free to do whatever they make them happy. Everybody it’s completely free to make any mistake they’d like, as long as they can support the consequences.  If you can’t live without me show me your true self. I wanna know who you really are! What are your thoughts? Your fears? Your dreams? I wanna know them all. I wanna know you for real this time. Try a little harder! I want that passion back! I want that burning desire…I want everything! I want you dying to have me and I’ll be dying to have you too. If this is really what you want  don’t let it go to waste. I like you, you are nice and sweet, but it’s this real? Make me trust you. Make me go crazy once again for you. Make me do whatever  you want. Please keep up with me.  Let me in. I love you. ❤